Make it all about them, NOT about you

Make it all about them, NOT about you

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While this video from Business insider is not directly about gaining new clients, you easily get the idea that what Robin Dreeke, counterintelligence expert, is saying is that you should figure out the answer to the question, "How can I inspire them to want me?"

That is, focus on what's important to them, to their ambition, their goals, THEIR "Why?", not yours.

After all, gaining a new client is basically equivalent to landing a new position.



Business Insider's Description: Some good advice for anyone seeking a new position or a promotion.

Ask a career expert what to talk about in a cover letter and they'll inevitably tell you to make it about the company — not about you.

It doesn't really matter that you desperately need a job; it doesn't matter that this particular gig would look great on your résumé. What are you offering the organization that they don't already have?

Even once you've landed the job, that mantra — make it about them— can come in handy. Specifically, when you're gearing up for a promotion, it's critical to think from your manager's perspective.

That's according to Robin Dreeke, a Naval Academy graduate, a former Marine, the former head of a federal behavioral analysis program, and a current FBI agent. Dreeke also recently co-authored "The Code of Trust" with Cameron Stauth.

"I never think in terms of convincing anyone of anything — I think in terms of inspiring them," Dreeke told us when he visited the Business Insider office in August. "If you want to move into a position of leadership, or you want to move up in the company, the first thing to ask yourself is, 'How can I inspire them to want me?'