by Don Vialoux,

Editor’s Notes: Next Tech Talk report is released on Tuesday May 30th

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Mr. Vialoux is contributing to Mark Leibovit’s weekly radio show that is available on the internet at 10:00 AM EDT each Saturday. Station is KFNN 1510 in Phoenix. The show is repeated at 10:00 AM MNT on Sunday and a link to the show normally appears in Tech Talk on the following Monday (not this week due to holidays). Mark is a former Wall Street Week Elf and has won many awards for his service. See for background. The radio show normally includes 4-5 segments featuring well known investment professional that focus on trading opportunities. Mr. Vialoux provides a Canadian/technical analysis/seasonality analysis flavour to the show.


Bad news about politicians frequently leads to bad news for equity prices.


StockTwits Released Yesterday @EquityClock

Break of horizontal support around 2325 on S&P 500 projects downside potential toward 2250.


Technical action by S&P 500 stocks to Noon: Bearish. Breakouts: $AAP $ES. Breakdowns: 17 stocks.

Editor’s Note: After Noon, HSY broke up and no stocks broke down.

Cisco $CSCO, a Dow Industrial stock completed a double top pattern on a break below $32.42.


Agriculture iShares $COW.CA moved below $36.65 and $36.36 setting an intermediate downtrend.


Mexico iShares $EWW moved below $50.42 completing a double top pattern.


Palladium ETN $PALL moved below $73.73 setting an intermediate downtrend.


SNC Lavalin $SNC.CA, a TSX 60 stock moved below $50.42 extending an intermediate downtrend.


Leveraged zinc ETN $LZIC.L moved below $7.00 completing a modified Head & Shoulders pattern. Stocks under pressure.


Celestica $CLS.CA moved below $18.34 completing a double top pattern.


Methanex $MX.CA moved below $56.95 completing a Head & Shoulders pattern.


IGM Financial $IGM.CA moved below $39.18 completing a double top pattern.


Weakness in $KMI and Cdn. Oil Sands producer stocks does not bode well for a favourable final B.C. provincial election count early next week.




Trader’s Corner

Daily Seasonal/Technical Equity Trends for May 18th 2017


Green: Increase from previous day

Red: Decrease from previous day

Daily Seasonal/Technical Commodities Trends for May 18th 2017


Green: Increase from previous day

Red: Decrease from previous day

* Excludes adjustment from rollover of futures contracts

Daily Seasonal/Technical Sector Trends for May 18th 2017


Green: Increase from previous day

Red: Decrease from previous day

S&P 500 Momentum Barometer


The Barometer added 2.00 to 46.20 yesterday. It remains intermediate neutral and in a downtrend.

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