David Rosenberg: Fed Not Raising Rates in 2015

David Rosenberg: Fed Not Raising Rates in 2015

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from CNBC:

For the better part of 12 years, David Rosenberg was a rock star among perma-bears, an integral part of a crowd that saw little else but doom ahead for the markets and economy.

Now that he's changed his tune, the Gluskin Sheff senior economist and strategist finds himself a self-proclaimed "pariah," alienated from a group he considers detached from reality.

"This is heavier than religion, the tea party or Red Sox Nation for that matter," Rosenberg wrote Friday. "To these fanatics, if the market rallies, it is due to some unholy alliance somewhere, and if the market dives, it is a case of good triumphing over evil."

Rosenberg noted that prior to his bullish conversion he "was a favorite" of the perma-bear blogosphere, but now he's "a pariah and a subject of jokes and derision."